NAPLES, FL- May 4, 2020- Horizon Cloud has announced today that it has acquired Aquatik Esports built on innovation, conservation, and education, the goal of Aquatik Esports is to create one of the strongest Esports leagues in the competitive arena. Horizon Clouds’ acquisition of Aquatik Esports provides a significant growth opportunity for businesses through an extended service offering for our clients.

Aquatik, founded in 2020, provides a platform for gamers and streamers across the world. They are looking to transform how the Esports world functions by bringing the latest in technology, gaming, and virtual reality screens to many. Its goal is to work with innovative players and passionate creators to build awareness of climate change, conservation, and global aide.   

“We’re very excited to merge the two brands; there is synergy with our other business, Skylink Data Centers. The increase and staff will help drive Aquatiks already active community,” said Andrew Bouley, Vice President of Horizon Cloud, “The acquisition will help diversify Horizon’s already stellar portfolio.” 

More information about the software products Horizon Cloud offers can be found on the company website: https://www.horizoncloud.com   

And for more information about Aquatik Esports and all they have to offer, visit the company’s website: https://aquatikesports.com/

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